If we pull a 1/1 in one of our YouTube Live group or personal breaks, we will award 50% of the progressive bounty jackpot to the owner of the card and randomly award the other half to someone else in that break! If its a personal, the owner will get 100%!

For each group break that runs without the bounty being hit? We'll add $5 to the bounty! This bounty starts at $100. 


    The Fine Print: Breaks that include a guaranteed 1/1 do not qualify. If the 1/1 is a multiplayer card, the bounty for the "hitter" will go to whomever is ultimately awarded the card (i.e. via randomization). In the event the card's ownership is split (meaning a split is allowed by us), such bounty will also be split at the same ownership proportions. Bounties must be claimed within 72 hours or they will be forfeited. Bounties shall be deposited into awardees SD Rewards account and cannot be converted to cash.